How to Create Your Personal Brand (Day 1 of 10)

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10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile

10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile was created to help both entry level and or the most experienced professionals jump-start their LinkedIn experience with tips with what I have done to attract recruiters from Apple, Google, Facebook, ZOOX, Wayfair, Peloton, JUUL Labs, and many more that continue to roll in.

With the resume fading away, LinkedIn continuing to grow, and an inevitable down-turn in the economy coming, there hasn’t been a more ideal time for our generation to throw away the old resume/applying for jobs approach and start using the LinkedIn platform.

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How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile

Day 1: How to Identify and Create Your Personal Brand

Welcome to Day 1 of the 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile Challenge focused on how to create a personal brand.

The 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile is a completely free course and challenge you can use to strategically overhaul and optimize your LinkedIn profile. The goals is to get you in-front of more recruiters, more clients, and more opportunities.

Today on Day 1, it will be more of an orientation to spur your thoughts so you can identify and learn how to create a personal brand. Identifying your personal brand is the first step to creating your LinkedIn profile effectively, to attract recruiters, clients, and opportunities.

Let’s get started!

What is Personal Branding?

  • WHAT do you think of when it comes to the word ‘personal brand’?
  • WHO do you think has a good personal brand?
    • Influencers?
    • Celebrities?
    • A popular friend?
    • What about that person at work that always pushes what they do to the next level
  • There are many forms of personal brands and different ways to use them, but the fundamentals and purpose are all the same:

Influence People’s Perception of You to Create Authority and Have a Bigger Impact

Example 1: Shark Tank

Ever watch the show Shark Tank?

All of them are building a brand as ‘business gurus’ through the Shark Tank show, along with investing and growing different businesses. 

Mark Cuban invests in a lot of technology and sports related businesses. Lori Greiner is the QVC ‘goddess’ that has an eye for what can sell well by airing it on the TV show and through other channels. Deborah Corcoran is known for investing in companies with owners who have a story built into the company, pulling on people’s emotions. Robert Herjavc has invested in a wide variety of businesses, from Tipsy Elves Christmas sweaters to PupBox, a box subscription company focused on training puppies. Then we have Kevin O’leary, known for being the tough shark who loves licensing deals.

They all promote their story and personal brand leading up to appearing on the Shark Tank show.

Other Examples

  • Gary VaynerchukWineLibrary.com, Books (my favorite from him is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook), K-Swiss Shoes, DailyVee Show and social media content
  • Donals Trump – TRUMP Hotels, real estate, The Apprentice TV show, several books (he probably had ghost-written), and now President?
  • Oprah Winfrey – TV Shows to Her Own Network
  • J.K. Rowling – The Harry Potter Empire
  • Dr. Oz – Show, Books, Talks, and Products
  • Darren Rowes – ProBlogger.com – Creating a Blog
  • Tai Lopez – TaiLopez.com – Entrepreneurship Educator & Lamborghini Lover

The 3 Personal Branding Commonalities

  1. They are very self-aware of their reputation.

    • They know what others perceive them to be and how the actions they have taken, are taking, or will take affect these perceptions.
  2. They tell their story with their life experiences to strengthen their brand.

    • All of these people mentioned took deliberate actions to craft a memorable story and continuously communicate this story in a relatable way, over and over again, to build the perception they want to have in others minds.
  3. They then deepen relationships through continuing to build on it with their audience and providing value.

    • Simply telling a story is not enough. Creating content, engaging with connections, and providing value crystalized their personal brands.
    • Each one of them has provided content, entertainment, products, and/or resources, which further emphasized their expertise in their fields of choice.

What is Involved in Building a Personal Brand?

  • Self-Awareness and understanding of the perception you want to create with other people.
  • A well crafted story, based on facts.
  • Images, video, & written content
  • A clear tone of voice aligning your brand as an authority. (writing, audio, or video)
  • Clear, consistent message being communicated through each piece of content that aligns to your personal brand.
  • Presence on a few different platforms.
  • Engaging with others.
    • Readers who comment on your content
    • People who message you
    • Others in your network that either align with the goals you are trying to achieve or who you can help out.

LinkedIn Personal Brand: Definition

  1. Your Presence and depth on LinkedIn, including your profile, posts, articles, and engagement that work to align one clear message of who you are, what you are all about, and how you can provide value to others.
  2. The quality of your network and your ability to influence others for various desired purposes on LinkedIn, in relation to your overall personal brand.

LinkedIn Personal Brand: Focus

  • The quality of your LinkedIn profile
  • The quality and number of LinkedIn posts and articles
  • The content in the LinkedIn posts and articles
  • Number of quality, strategic 1st degree connections made
  • The quality of your overall network (1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree connections)
  • Involvement in LinkedIn groups
  • Engagement in the overall LinkedIn community

Day 1 Challenge: Create a Personal Brand

Identify Your Personal Brand

  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How do you want to be perceived?
  • What experiences from your past can you tie in to create your personal brand story that will create this perception?
  • Is there anything you need to work on?

How to Create a Personal Brand?

  • Sign Up for the Course and Get Today’s Worksheet
  • Focus on answering all questions in the worksheet and be honest… nobody else will see your answers.
  • Work to get your personal brand statement written.
  • Use the examples and sentence templates of personal brand statements on the worksheet to fill in the blanks – this makes it much easier!

This step is important, as each day of this challenge builds off and ties back to this personal brand statement.

See you inside the course!

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