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From 2.63 GPA to Apple, and Beyond...

Today, we are diving into personal branding. More specifically how personal branding can help you achieve your career goals and how I used it to go from a 2.63 GPA to working at Apple, and beyond.

We’ll touch on where personal branding comes into play when getting a new job, how to use it, what it entails, and how personal branding on LinkedIn will help attract opportunities to you.

This is sort of the introduction to the 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile challenge that starts in the next episode.

So, let’s get started!

Personal Branding Helped Me Create My Career

In the last episode, which was the introduction to Careers Over Coffee podcast, I mentioned that I used personal branding to go from having a 2.63 GPA to getting into Apple.

Personal branding is much like what you see influencers do – they have a story they continue to tell over and over. The story is consistent and cohesive, easy to tell and only takes a few minutes. It builds influence, WOW’s your audience, and is 100% fact-based, true.

Personal Brand Example

So… to get things started and give you an example personal brand, here is how I told my story to the recruiter and the 10 people I interviewed with after to get the 10 at Apple:

I’m a Global Supply Manager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I graduated high school in 3 years at age 16 and college at 20 with a Bachelor’s in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

I went on to work in the aerospace industry for 4 years, where I held 3 positions at one time – purchasing raw material, production planning over 400 parts and components, and helping to manage a few customer relationships. The parts were used by Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Orbital ATK, and several military divisions in AGT1500 tanks, BlackHawk helicopters, F22 Raptor jets, and many more.

I then went on to Harley-Davidson, were I managed two groups of commodities, Machining, Gaskets, and Seals, and then Chrome Plating, Anodizing, and Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, coatings, with each commodity group having a spend of over 9 figures. I was directly involved in managing the supply of parts within these commodities from 2015 to 2017, along with making strategic sourcing decisions for the 2018 through 2021 model year motorcycles. In 2016, I was also a key project manager of supply chain crisis that was comparable in impact to Harley-Davidson as the 2008 Japan mega-quake and tsunami.

That’s about how my story went to each of the 11 people I had to interview for the job at Apple. If I were to interview for a position today, I would add…

In 2017, I accepted a position at Apple, where I became a Global Supply Manager on the iPhone Mechanical Enclosures team. In 2017, I had a role in managing supply of small parts on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 10. I then rolled onto the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max in 2018 as the Capital Expenditures Budget Manager for all 3 projects with a mid-10 figure budget, the Global Supply Manager of PVD coatings for the iPhone XS and XS Max, and the Global Supply Manager of the iPhone XS Housing – which consisted of the metal band and a few internal components, a few developmental projects.

Personal Branding = Story + Communication

That’s about what I would say in interviews. It all ties back to what’s on my LinkedIn profile and what’s on my resume. My story is 100% fact based. It also influences people though showing credibility through the companies I’ve worked for, the positions I held, and the projects I managed.

Each position and project builds on responsibility from the previous I held. Each story works to tie the work back to things people already know today, even if they don’t understand anything I am talking about from a profession or responsibility standpoint – like tanks, helicopters, or jets and the motorcycles you can go see on Harley’s website today. And iPhones.

It uses numbers, or dollars, put into figures… people always think of five, six, or seven figure salaries…. When you are able to go 9 or 10 figures, which is hundreds of millions and billions… it makes people think

But… that’s all just with what I say once I get the interview.

We’ll get to some episodes on nailing interviews on the Careers Over Coffee podcast, but that’s the last 10% of the entire process of getting a new job.

The other 90% of the work comes before you even get contacted by the recruiter.

60% of getting a better job is the work you did up until now, in school or at a job, which is years and years of work.

Where interviews is the last 10%, your education and career is is the beginning 60%.

Like interviews, we’ll focus on how you can accomplish more in school and at work later on the Careers Over Podcast.

What I want to start this podcast out is with the middle 30%… which is:

  • 20% creating a cohesive story.
  • 10% communicating the story.

These are skills to build and should be worked on over time, just like your education and career.

Without being able to properly communicate your story, it will never be heard and you will never be rewarded with the opportunities you deserve.

Which is why we are starting this podcast focusing on personal branding. More specifically, LinkedIn personal branding, as it is the largest platform focused around businesses and career building.

FREE 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile Challenge

95% of recruiters are on LinkedIn searching for valid candidates. With currently every company hiring and the unemployment rate being as low as it is, right now is the perfect time to craft your personal brand and story on LinkedIn to attract recruiters. It could honestly land you a job that might be a 10%, 15%, or 60% increase in income.

I used personal branding my entire way through my career. I specifically focused on LinkedIn personal branding when I was at Harley-Davidson to attract 2 recruiters from Apple.

From my first company to Harley-Davidson, my salary jumped 30%. From Harley to Apple, my salary jumped another 91%. This doesn’t take into account bonuses and other benefits, along with cost of living changes going from Harley-Davidson in Wisconsin to Apple in Silicon Valley, but I can tell you the money I was putting in my pocket was significantly higher.

And, with the next episode, we will dive right into a 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile challenge.

The goal with the challenge is to get you from using LinkedIn like a resume, or not using it strategically at all, to kickstarting you into your LinkedIn personal branding journey. I have done this challenge myself, over and over, in various different ways over the years. It gets me uncomfortable to do things that I know I should do, but hesitate or forget to do. It may make you uncomfortable, but it will surely get you past barriers and on on your way to attracting opportunities to you on LinkedIn.

We will provide the challenge in several different mediums, so you can consume and use it how you want.

First, on this podcast, we will post each episode every day starting with the next episode.

This way everyone can listen to the content as they drive, talk, sit on a train, work, or wherever, since podcasts can be consumed anywhere, anytime.

We will then have the challenge set up like a course, that is completely FREEclick here to sign up.

On each day of the challenge, we have:

  • Video Keynote Lessons
  • Downloadable Keynote
  • Worksheets

This complete challenge set up like a course provides a cohesive way for anyone to consume the content of the challenge by listening, watching, reading, and holding a tangible copy of the keynote, and working through a worksheet that will guide you through making each day happen.

Make sure to get signed up: click here.

We’ll see you in the next episode, when we begin the 10 Day Challenge to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile.

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