…by attracting specific recruiters, clients, and opportunities

directly to you through LinkedIn personal branding.

It's time to put more strategy behind your career.

...because your goals won't achieve themselves!

You spent hours researching the latest resume trends. Even more time writing and trying to figure out how to squeeze more out of your experience to make sure those recruiters know you are the perfect candidate. After a few days (or weeks), you think it is finally ready...

You head to job board websites and the websites of the companies you want to work for to finally apply for those jobs you have been eyeing up. A few more hours later, you have applied for all those jobs you really want. Your job is done… and it all remains on fate, hope, and a side of luck.

A few days later, you check your email for the 382nd time. Still nothing besides the automated emails confirming your application was received.

You decide to apply for a few more less desirable positions to keep the momentum going.

Eventually, you come to the conclusion to settle for a less desirable job for now, knowing you will keep trying toward your more desired positions.

Fast forward 10 years later…

You are stuck at a dead end job day dreaming as to why you never made your goals happen. Some reasons to blame: horrible managers, a bad resume, grades from college, not getting that masters degree, having kids too early, your significant other, lack of financial stability, life…

Will you let this be your story?

What if we made building your career more exciting and rewarding again for you?

Like what you had imagined what your career and life would be like... before your internships, books, and getting around all those other toxic people who hate their career and life situations, yet are too afraid to make a change. Imagine if you turned opened up LinkedIn an saw:

Messages from recruiters who found you on LinkedIn, saw that you are the exact person they had been looking for, and wanted to get on the phone with you right now to talk about the opportunity… which happened to be the exact opportunity you had wanted for a long, long time.

People in executive, director, and management level positions at companies sending you connection invites with custom messages asking your opinion, to schedule a time to chat about a topic you wrote about on LinkedIn, or even an opportunity at their company that they want to discuss with you.

Company representatives and client managers messaging you directly with consulting and/or freelance opportunities to earn some extra money… or, maybe take your existing consulting/freelance business to the next level, with your LinkedIn profile attracting new clients right into your inbox.

Sound good? Then keep reading…

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LinkedIn Personal Branding Pro

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