About Chris

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I am passionate about building and improving businesses.

From identifying the initial opportunity and market research, down to strategically implementing a change and/or growth plan, I love strategic business planning and business development.

My experience in the corporate world working for Fortune 500 & Fortune 10 companies naturally lead me into consulting and entrepreneurship. My career took me through Apple, Harley-Davidson, and the aerospace and defense industries holding various positions in strategic planning, purchasing, operations, and supply chain management.

Since 2008, I have also been building websites, writing content for magazines and large websites, and consulting on business development in new and growing markets.

In 2017, my fiancee Sarah and I created a supplement company called Mindzymes, which we later sold in 2019.

Since 2018, we launched a few new business ventures which take advantage of a range of business models, including affiliate marketing, online advertising, B2B services, and B2C retail.

Although the list of our businesses seems to continue to grow, below is the list of current industries we serve and businesses we own.


Website: skoolielivin.com

Industry: Tiny House

Type: Blog

Started: November, 2018

We began building a school bus into a tiny house in November, 2018. This is also referred to as a school bus conversion or a “skoolie.” As our largest website in terms of unique visitors per month and sessions, SkoolieLivin™ started as a simple blog documenting our build and turned into a resource for people looking to learn how to build a skoolie and find school buses or completed skoolies for sale in our Classifieds section. It is monetized through ads and affiliate marketing.


Website: simplyadd.co

Industry: Hemp/CBD

Type: B2C Retail

Started: October, 2019

We created SimplyAdd™ to provide creators a natural and organic CBD oil. Our goal was to create solvent-free cannabinoid-infused oils to offer to bakers, crafters, and small business owners who make their own bakery and skincare products. We began developing our website in October 2019, the oils in January 2020, and officially launched in April 2020.

Wisconsin Hempery

Website: wisconsinhempery.com

Industry: Hemp

Type: B2B

Started: April, 2020

After launching the B2C SimplyAdd™ website with our in-house manufactured oils, we had a few farmers reach out to see where we were getting our processing done. As a licensed Wisconsin hemp processor, we decided to begin offering our natural, solvent-free hemp processing services to farmers looking to turn hemp flower into CBD oil.