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I am passionate about creating and improving businesses. From initial idea generation, to market research, and down to strategically implementing a change and/or growth plan, I love strategic business development.

My previous experience in the corporate world working for Fortune 500 & Fortune 10 companies lead me into this path of entrepreneurship. For 7 years I worked in the corporate world at Apple, Harley-Davidson, and in the aerospace industry holding various positions in strategic planning, purchasing, operations, and supply chain management.

However, since 2008 I have been building websites, writing and becoming published on a wide range of topics on various large websites, and more recently building full-fledge businesses.

In 2017, my fiancee Sarah and I created a supplement company, which we later sold in 2019.

More recently, in 2019 we launched a new company, began creating CBD recipes on our website Simply Add™, and became a Wisconsin hemp processor and the first commercial rosin CBD oil manufacturer in the state when we launch our full-scale operation in January, 2020.

Create Your Own Career Destiny

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With a desire to help others, in 2017 I started to talk with many college students and entry level professionals over Google Hangouts, Skype calls, and eventually webinars. People loved the advice on career strategy and insights from the various obstacles I had to overcome in both my personal life and in the corporate world to make my dreams come true.

I got really positive feedback, and my LinkedIn profile showed as continued to get daily messages daily from people looking for advice.

So… I decided to take helping college students and entry level professionals to the next level.

I left Apple in June of 2018 to focus on helping college students and entry level professionals full-time….

It’s been an amazing journey ever since. I’ve been able to help hundreds of people.

Here are some resources that are available now and coming soon that you can use to start your journey to creating your own career destiny through personal branding and optimizing LinkedIn to attract recruiters.

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