10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile Course

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On LinkedIn Personal Branding

If you are a college student getting ready to launch your career, an experience professional looking to make a change in your current career, or a consultant looking to get more clients – this course is for you.

In this FREE 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile Course, Chris walks you through the fundamentals of how you can attract recruiters, clients, and opportunities with your LinkedIn profile.

10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile

Create Your Own Career Destiny.

Day 1 - Identify Your Personal Brand

Day 2 - Evaluate Your LinkedIn Profile

Day 3 - Overhaul Your LinkedIn Profile

Day 4 - Importance of Skills & Endorsements

Day 5 - Getting More Recommendations

Day 6 - Strategic Networking

Day 7 - Messaging Recruiters

Day 8 - Using LinkedIn Groups

Day 9 - Creating LinkedIn Articles & Posts

Day 10 - Launching Your New Profile & Brand

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Optimize LinkedIn Profile Course

Chris Kochan

Chris Kochan spent the last 6 years studying LinkedIn.

The Goal: Understand how to optimize use of the platform to increase the chances of attracting specific opportunities and accomplishing his career goals.

His research paid off when he went on to using LinkedIn to achieve his two main goals: 1) earn a six figure salary by age 30 and 2) work at Apple.

His work then had residual effects. When he started working on Apple’s iPhone team at age 26, he stopped paying much attention to LinkedIn – but recruiters didn’t. Google, Facebook, Wayfair, Peloton, ZOOX, JUUL Labs, SF Motors, and many more have all reached out to him on LinkedIn. Some, like Apple, Google, & Facebook, have reached out several times each within the past few months.

Since 2013, Chris developed an in-depth understanding of how to accomplish this by creating a personal brand and increasing profile visibility by ranking higher in search results for specific keywords, skills, regions, and professions on LinkedIn.

In the 10 Days to Build a Better LinkedIn Profile Course, he teaches the basics of how LinkedIn works and what you can do to begin the process of attracting more recruiters, clients, and opportunities.

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