Hey there! I'm Chris Kochan.

Chris Kochan

I help build and improve businesses by optimizing websites and their online strategic marketing plan.

I believe a business needs a strategic plan and solid execution to be successful.

There will be bumps in the road, like financing or securing growth opportunities, but it all comes down to your organic strategic business plan.

From my corporate positions on the iPhone team at Apple and strategic sourcing and risk management at Harley-Davidson, to building a few companies of my own – my brain is sort of on hyperdrive.

I focus my energy on:

  1. Strategic Business Planning
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Content & Social Media Marketing
  4. Derivative Business Opportunity Analysis

This website focuses more on sharing my business ideas to strategies to grow, including personal insight on various businesses, industries, careers, and related topics.

Looking to hire me? Send me an email on my Contact page or check me out on Upwork.

If you are looking for more background on my career, you can check out my LinkedIn profile. Also, send me a connection request! My network is your network. Let’s grow together.

Thanks for stopping by!

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