Former Billion $$$ Budget Manager

Turned Career Mentor for Entry-Level Professionals

Chris Kochan coaches young professionals on personal branding

for fast career advancement to make more money.

Going from college graduate with $80k in debt and a 2.63 GPA, to holding strategic corporate positions at Apple and Harley-Davidson and paying off all debt by age 27, he experienced how hard it can be to push through the barriers of reaching career and financial success.

Chris helps young professionals with personal branding through:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Website Portfolios

Chris also teaches LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization, also known as LinkedIn SEO, to help young professionals attract recruiters searching for candidates like them on LinkedIn, giving a significantly better chance of attracting job opportunities that will advance their career, and getting interviews and job offers.

To learn specifically how Chris went from graduating with a 2.63 GPA to making an annual salary of $182K at Apple, grab a copy of his FREE eBook.

My BIG Resume Mistake Sent to an Apple Recruiter: Watch Out for This!

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For 3 years I was targeting a Global Supply Manager position at Apple, the job I eventually got through LinkedIn personal branding to attract recruiters.…