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Why Recruiters Aren't Responding to Your Applications:

95% of Recruiters are on LinkedIn

Recruiters no longer spend their days searching through hundreds or thousands of applications. They go on LinkedIn to find 100% qualified candidates within minutes.

84% of People are Open to New Job Opportunities

This includes both employed and non-employed people, either actively or passively looking for opportunities. No wonder recruiters have the ability to just reach out to random people on LinkedIn. Most people they contact are probably interested in discussing their open opportunities.

NO Personal Brand on the Internet

Think about what a 'resume' is... a resume is a marketing document for you to give to potential employers to sell your services to them. Yet, it is ancient! It's almost like if Amazon only used print ads in the newspaper... The only time Amazon is in a print newspaper is when they are getting free exposure from the press on their skyrocketing stock price. If you didn't know, Amazon actually owns their own ad network across the internet now and is competing head to head with companies like Google. Just like you should start owning your own ad network (a personal website and professional profiles) and start personal branding online. Or... sit back and watch everyone else cruise on up past you. The people falling behind right now in their career and plateauing are the ones not personal branding.

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